Fall Updates!

Exciting news!! I’m back to blogging and so much has happened this week!

Productivity – Help!

During the pandemic, I have found it to be extremely difficult to continue and improve my productivity. This week, I decided to start focusing on being more productive every day, and see its effects by the end of the week based on how I feel, if my work was turned in on time, and theContinue reading “Productivity – Help!”

How To: Improve Your Work and School Experience When Working Online

We’re all living through the same thing; Coronavirus. We all have to work or become more educated in order to provide for our families and do the things we love. Usually, the beginning of a new school year or changes in our work schedules can be either super stressful, or extremely exciting! I’m here toContinue reading “How To: Improve Your Work and School Experience When Working Online”

The Usual…..

Hey Hatters!! I just finished up week 2 of online school! I’m not entirely sure if it counts though because they were both 4 day weeks. Right now I am sitting in one of my Monday classes, and it’s quite interesting. I had more trouble sleeping last night 😦 my mom got mad about itContinue reading “The Usual…..”

Lightning Night Part 2

This is a post copied from my other blog on Blogger. It was posted 8/28/20 12:30 AM. Hey Hatters!! I know I posted *technically* yesterday but actually more like today. Practice was super chill and we just did some recovery mileage and core.  I got to talk to a lot of my friends about generalContinue reading “Lightning Night Part 2”