Cosplay Part 3 – Starting

I finally got down to starting my Halo suit and it’s looking SO GOOD!

Cosplay Part 2 – The Decision

Hey Hatters! I know Halloween isn’t for a little while, but I decided to morph my Halloween plans and cosplay plans. I love making things, sewing, and crafts, and I have taken many AP art classes, so building a costume is way more exciting to me than buying one. I finally decided that I wantedContinue reading “Cosplay Part 2 – The Decision”

Cosplay (pt. 1 (?) ) – A Future?

For several years now, the nerdier side of my interior has wanted to go to comic-con and cosplay as Gamora or Kat from Halo: Reach. However, in the beginning of quarantine I came inches to actually starting to build my Halo suit. I was minutes from going out the door and buying the styrofoam forContinue reading “Cosplay (pt. 1 (?) ) – A Future?”