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Religion After Loss

Throughout a lifelong journey of pulling in and out of religion, loss opened my eyes to look at religion through the facts.

Fall Updates!

Hey Hatters! It feels like it had been FOREVER since I last blogged!! I totally missed blogging! It really clears my mind. I have been writing a ton of articles and working on updating my website, which is super fun! It’s a lot of hard work though, but I hope it pays off! If youContinue reading “Fall Updates!”

Dealing with failure

Failure is a difficult thing that everybody eventually deals with. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you fail. Failure to get that grade you wanted, to win that position, to keep that relationship. Being late, being sad, being unhappy with your situation are all points where many people feel as though they have somewhatContinue reading “Dealing with failure”


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