Rainy Days and Recycling

Hey Hatters!

This week has been really rainy! I absolutely adore rain, so I was really in my zone and felt in a good mood. It was so cozy to curl up and look at the colorful leaves against the clouds!

Here is the sky… It looks like a movie!
Here’s another photo of the rain after leaving a friend’s house!

The past few days have been super fun since I decided to start a new project! I was on social media and I was inspired to start recycling my own paper at home! The link to the instructions to make them are here. I ended up making several batches of SUPER cool paper that can be used in everyday life! I plan on utilizing these pieces for journaling!

Here are a few of the pieces I made! I still need to clean up the edges and iron the paper, but I am so excited to use them!

I also went on several hikes this week, and I got to enjoy the weather some more! I took some photographs of my dogs, which turned out SUPER cute, and I spent some time with family and friends.

The weather has been super dark and rainy, but I absolutely love it, and I am so excited to enjoy the gloom!

I also was able to join the 150th YW General Presidency! It is so inspiring to see how the YW can make such an impact on the world.

Also, what would a weekly update be without food??

This week I will be presenting a DELICIOUS and perfectly ripe mango I had with my lunch. It was such a blessing to have amazing fruit this week!

Here is the delicious mango! Just look at the color of the mango flesh…. yum!

I was also able to build on my Magic – The Gathering deck, and I want to be able to better my performance ability!

Although that wasn’t much for this week, it was altogether a good week and I can’t wait for the next one!

Let me know if you have anything fun planned for this week, or if anything interesting happened to you last week!

-mad hattered

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