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Hey Hatters!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, so I figured I would give an update of everything going on!

I’m also thinking about writing a lot more on religion and my own personal journey, because my one article “Religion after loss” actually went really well! I would really appreciate any feedback about it, so please comment below if you have anything you would like me to write about or research!

So, back to news on last week!

On Sunday my parents and I went to visit some of our cousins and help them with redoing their house! It really needed a lot of work done, but we fixed their bathroom, helped with their basement walls, and put up a ton of shelves. It was so nice to see family, especially during such a stressful time! We ended up getting tacos for dinner and then we drove home for a few hours.

Here are some of the flowers we brought our cousins as a hello gift!
My dog felt that it was important to be included in the car ride and photo šŸ™‚

I had Monday and Tuesday off from school, so I was able to really relax and hang out with some of my friends!

I will be keeping my political opinions private from this blog, but I will encourage the importance of voting! If you are old enough to vote and can, please do. I know that the election has already happened, but don’t forget about local and state elections! They are excellent places to voice your opinion as a US citizen.

I also started walking my dog a lot more! On Tuesday we saw a really cool sunset, but there was only a little orange left in the sky.

The tiny bit of orange left in the sky is so pretty!
Another Shot of the sky – the clouds looked AMAZING!
The sunset from our friend’s backyard! It was super pink šŸ™‚

On Thursday I had the missionaries come over and talk to my parents and answer their questions about religion. I think that my mom was okay with most of it, and my dad was alright but he wasn’t a huge fan. I am old enough to make my own religious decisions, but my parent’s aren’t entirely supportive of it so I don’t know what to do. I am planning on waiting until summer 2021 to decide my final opinions on officially joining the church.

I hung out with my friends on Saturday and I worked a lot on my Magic – The Gathering decks, and organized a ton of cards.

On Sunday, I went to church and I got my mom to join me! It was so nice to have a family member with me. I think she liked the service a lot, and I said hi to a lot of friends. After that I had a meeting, and then my grandfather came over for lunch!

On Monday I had school, but I also went out for ice cream and a hike with some friends. It was really pretty and overall an amazing day.

Here is the ice cream I got! It was blood orange on top, and toffee on the bottom.
A hot air balloon was visible from across the parking lot! We also saw a lot of hang gliders too.
Here was the sun from the path! It was super bright, and really perfected an amazing night.

On Tuesday, I worked on some home projects! I found an old bedside table that was hand painted by some kids and was really yellowed, so I sanded it down and repainted it. It ended up looking really good!

On a random note – the pomegranate we have been buying from the grocery store has been AMAZING and I have been eating it every day! It’s DELICIOUS with honey and plain yogurt.

Here is this PERFECTLY ripened pomegranate!

Later on Tuesday I decided to buy some gourmet caramel apples because I have a friend who works at a store that sells them!

They were FANTASTIC!! The apples were so large I could only eat a slice of each… But I made sure to take pictures to share with all of you!

This is the outside of the S’mores caramel apple… It was easily the largest option to buy, and it is SUPER heavy but REALLY good!
This is the outside of the strudel apple! My mom and I thought that this one was the best of the two, because all the flavors worked so well.
This is the inside of the s’mores caramel apple! Inside is a layer of caramel, then marshmallows, then chocolate fudge, and then a layer of graham cracker and marshmallow dust.
This is the inside of the strudel caramel apple! There is a layer of caramel, white chocolate, and then cinnamon sugar.
Here is a picture of all the caramel apples from the store! It is a bit overwhelming to look at all the flavors, and I wish I could try them all!

Overall, the past week has been really fun!! I got a lot of work done, saw my friends, and got a lot of outdoor time.

Do you enjoy blog updates or do you prefer articles?

Let me know in the comments below!

I’ll figure it out šŸ™‚

-mad hattered

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