Dealing with failure

Failure is a difficult thing that everybody eventually deals with. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you fail.

Failure to get that grade you wanted, to win that position, to keep that relationship.

Being late, being sad, being unhappy with your situation are all points where many people feel as though they have somewhat failed both themselves, and in a way, others.

Failure as a word has weight. It’s not a pleasant word, because as people we have gotten used to cringing as we see it, if its flipping over an important quiz or test, or if it is coming out of the mouth of someone you care about.

Failure is scary, because it tends to lead to uncertainty and stress in the future. Will I pass the class? Will I have my family? Will I be the best version of myself despite not winning this time?

However, failure gives us clarity. Not only can it instantly give us a warning signal of something needing help, but it can direct us and become a call to action. Failure can give motivation to study harder, rebuild broken bonds, and sometimes look at the greater picture, and see if we really need to keep certain things in our lives, or start to let go.

Failure is always present. As a past perfectionist, I hated failure, and I still do. Because I’m human.

That is why perfectionists cannot exist. If you were to be a perfectionist, you would be “on top” and never falter. However, if that is the truth, you would be stunted from ever growing. People who faltered have the opportunity to climb higher than perfectionists ever were.

Failure is temporary, but we always have the opportunity to grow exponentially from each temporary loss.

If you need help, I am always here to talk.

-mad hattered

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