Productivity – Help!

During the pandemic, I have found it to be extremely difficult to continue and improve my productivity.

This week, I decided to start focusing on being more productive every day, and see its effects by the end of the week based on how I feel, if my work was turned in on time, and the quality of my work.

Each day, I will add on to the end of this post with updates on my daily productivity, and I plan on writing another post on the final results and if I will be continuing with a new lifestyle!

My primary goals are to (a) be able to do more within the day, but still have free time to spend with friends and family, (b) go to sleep earlier! and (c) arrive early or on time to all events I agreed to.

While it will really improve my lifestyle and future, it will still be a conscious effort to improve, and somewhat of a shock to my regular productivity mindset while I make these changes.

After doing some brief research, here are the three things I will be attempting to change!

Scheduling Work into My Day

This week, I will be adding slots into my day that are reserved for doing work!

By scheduling work into the day, I will be able to have specific points where I can sit down and work without worrying about making it to other events or being distracted.

Additionally, I won’t be able to schedule social events over them, and lose time that I should be productive with, and lose track of my schedule. However, I will also be able to schedule social events and have fun participating in them without having a worried voice in the back of my mind reminding me of things I need to do or should be doing!

Social Media

This week, one of the more difficult tasks will be limiting my time on social media.

Week after week, I am embarrassed by how long I spend on my phone, and a SIGNIFICANT part of that is hours and hours a day wasted on meaningless scrolling.

This week, I am planning on limiting myself to 45 minutes of social media a day.

While this is a large goal, I am excited to see the mental health benefits of it.

Due to my spending hours of the day on a computer for online school, I need to be taking a break from ALL screens during my time off. It is mentally exhausting to take a “break” in which my break consists of more sitting and staring.

While this may be extremely difficult, it is the task that I am the most excited for!


I have never blocked out my days before, and I am really excited to try it!

By blocking out my time, I will be able to focus on what is happening NOW, and not being concerned about when I will have time to work on other things later in the day.

I really hope this helps me to focus on my task at hand!

Additionally, it will help me work ahead of time on other tasks. Even if it’s just 15 extra minutes done a week before, that might be what saves me at the end of a Friday night of work!


Being wary of mindfulness is taking the world by storm. By doing things in the moment, and being focused on each task at hand, productivity and quality of work shine through.

By improving my mindfulness, not only am I able to do more, but I will also be able to enjoy what I am doing without thinking about the future!

Removing mental distractions and contemplating the past and future can take over situations. Focus on whatever is present, work or fun!


Prioritizing is a MAJOR part of productivity. It helps to do what is important and urgent!

If you have something due tomorrow and something due in 2 weeks, even though what is due in 2 weeks may be more fun or easier, or relieving to get ahead on, it’s a good idea to look at the facts of what has more urgency and do the priority! It’s as simple as that….. I hope!!


Okay, so let’s dive right into it!

Today was a highly productive day!! I felt very successful, but it may just be the rush from excitement on being productive.

I made lists, participated in class, took breaks, and got all my homework done on time.

I also spent time talking to friends, and was able to do some major cleaning!

While I didn’t meet my phone goals 😦 i was still considerably less than usual, and was able to stop myself from losing track of time on my phone.

Overall, it was a success!

I plan on getting to bed around 10:30, which is fairly early for me!


Today was a little bit more difficult to deal with than yesterday…

While I was trying to stay on track, I’m afraid that I may have bit off a bit more than I can chew!

By trying to catch up on past productivity loss in my classes (i.e. get ahead on my assignments) the day got SUPER stressful!! I still carried through with it, but I got to bed a bit later than I would have liked.

However, a large part of productivity is learning to roll with the punches and work smarter rather than harder with work. I need to focus myself more, and I am now considering doing AM yoga or meditation to stay focused?

I also think that going to bed earlier, even if I have work to that I could get ahead on may help me to re-center and stay on task.

However, I am still proud of myself for continuing to stay on top of my stuff and getting everything done!

I’ll keep you all updated 🙂


Today I had a very different schedule than usual, so it was interesting to see productivity at work!

While earlier I was focusing on getting ahead at larger tasks I really started to see the benefits of it.

Today was really difficult in a lot of ways and was not the best mentally, but it would have been WAY worse if I wasn’t able to get ahead earlier.

Let me tell you – working ahead PAYS OFF and it saved me from a world of hurt.

However, now I have to get back to getting things done!

I have just a little more work and then I need to put my head down and FOCUS on what’s ahead of me, because I’m almost to the point of being able to work on things right as they’re given to me. I’m SO EXCITED!!!

I’ll let you know how it all goes 🙂


Today is becoming an excellent break from stress on Wednesday. I think productivity has a 3-day hump!

I am getting things done as they arrive, and addressing them immediately. I think this productivity thing is WORKING!!! AAHHHH I’m SO excited about it 🙂

Although it still feels a bit intense at some points, at the end of the day it is SO worth it to be on top of work. I feel like I could accomplish anything!

I got all my work done this morning even though I was struggling with a few mental health tasks, but I was able to pick myself up faster than ever. If you need help with being productive and getting into the version of you that you want the most, all it takes is three days. This is it! Today could be your day for the rest of your life. All you have to do is do it.


Today was really calm (so far!).

I got through a lot of my classes, and I am really working a lot on my website/blog!

I really want to make good content for all of you, and it would mean a lot to me if you like reading my blog 🙂

After school I have my last (I think?) practice for cross country, and then I will be REALLY busy with social stuff tonight!

There is a meeting with the missionaries and then a birthday party with people from the ward! I’m very excited, but I have to get a card and a present for the birthday girl!

Yesterday ended up getting a bit swamped after I wrote my Thursday update, so I might have jinxed it haha!

Anyways, I feel like this was a huge success! I want to stay productive and feel motivated and on top for as long as I can. I really hope that anybody reading this will try it themself, even if it is just a few days!

I love you all and thanks for sticking with me through this little mini journey 🙂

-mad hattered

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