A Chilly Day!!!

Hey Hatters!!

Today I am so excited because today finally feels like fall!!!

I woke up and it was pretty chilly, so my family had to close all the windows.

I put on jeans and a sweatshirt for school, and ate an apple with breakfast.

I am so happy that the seasons are changing because now it really does feel like the start of school! Also, some change is always nice. I really missed the cooler weather, and fall is the BEST!!! I might write a blogpost just to explain why everybody should think about fall being the best. Because it is.

Bird went on his flight today and landed safely with his sister!!!

I already miss him, but he’s having so much fun, and I’m so happy for him.

I also think that this week is going to be pretty productive, and I have my fingers crossed that it is!!

This fall feeling just puts me in SUCH a good mood.

Comment your favorite season and why!!

I’m also looking for new blogs to follow, so please let me know if you know any or want to share!

I’m so excited to figure out what I’m doing this fall!! I’ll update you all with my plans 🙂

-mad hattered

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