How To: Improve Your Work and School Experience When Working Online

We’re all living through the same thing; Coronavirus. We all have to work or become more educated in order to provide for our families and do the things we love.

Usually, the beginning of a new school year or changes in our work schedules can be either super stressful, or extremely exciting!

I’m here to share with you what I do physically and mentally to both prepare for new challenges and manage stress so I can enjoy whatever is ahead and not worry!

1.Wake Up On Time!

Waking up at the same time you regularly would for school and work is extremely helpful to starting your morning normally, and preparing you for a productive day.

For my first few weeks of online school, I rolled out of bed 3 minutes before class started and slept through my first few periods with the camera off.

While this may have felt good to sleep in for several weeks, I lost my drive and motivation to work. My grades started slipping and I got into trouble.

Even though it may feel tiring to wake up early, especially if you’re not a morning bird, it actually made me feel less sleepy later in the day, and it really pays off.

2. Don’t Procrastinate!

Not procrastinating is already hard enough to do, but when you’re home and have a hundred other distractions to work on, it feels easy to push it back and tell yourself “I’ll do it later in bed”.

The truth is…. No you won’t.

If you are awake and can do the work now, just do it! Your life will feel 100 times less stressful, and you won’t forget any projects or work that is due! If you are a student like me, it also helps with your grades, and homework makes waaaay more sense when the material is fresh in your mind!

Getting work done when you find gaps in time and space in your schedule will save you from so many mistakes and bad decisions, and there is honestly not much else you can do with your time since everything is shut down anyways!

3. Move!

After spending hours in the same room at the same desk, it is so hard to concentrate on literally anything. Studies have shown that just going for a 10 minute walk can improve concentration significantly, saving you time from working later!

In between classes, don’t sit on your phone. It may feel easy and it may appear relaxing, but your body need to move and stretch! For those spaces in between classes, instead of sitting around, go for a quick stroll, stretch, or dance to some good music! It will help you so much with concentration and make you feel way better.

4. Sit up!

Last school year, when we adjusted to online learning, I’ll be honest. I slouched in my bed and refused to sit at a desk and be productive, and when I was made to, it was a folding table and I was sliding down a chair.

I ended up having to go to a chiropractor once a week because I messed up my back so badly. I felt extreme pain when walking and I was constantly sore and tender. I used to run for miles on end each day, and now I couldn’t bend my legs to stumble down the stairs.

Speaking from experience, I am pleading with anybody who is working from bed to sit up in a proper chair.

My dad ended up getting me a yoga ball to sit on so I could regain better use and flexibility for my back, and if you’re having or had problems like me, consider getting one!

5. Eat a proper breakfast 🙂

Although it may seem like a waste of time to make a sit-down breakfast, it really can start your day on a nutritious, positive note.

Spending the time to deliberately cook, plate, and eat a meal first thing in the morning can help you to consciously make good nutritional choices, feel grateful for the morning and your meal, and connect you with others if you are eating with friends or family.

I hope this helps!

We’ll figure it out 🙂

-mad hattered

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