School Starting!!!

Hey hatters!!

School started yesterday! I was VERY excited about it and I really like all my teachers.

We had minimal homework (because it was the first day, obviously) and the classes were pretty boring – going over the syllabus, etc.

I think I really want to write about getting ready for the school year and going back into work during coronavirus, and I think that a lot of people would enjoy reading about it.

I should also update you all about Sunday!

I had a lot of stuff going on Saturday and Sunday… First, my parents and I went to look for a new laptop because I wanted to get a new one before college starts this year.

We found the right one, but we couldn’t buy it because they didn’t have any for sale in-store. Instead, we ordered it online and it should ship in a week or so.

Once I get the laptop I can totally start blogging more which would be super nice!!

I also started getting ready for school, which I have decided I will DEFINITELY be writing either a blogpost or a page on that.

I also went shopping and worked on my magic deck! There are these new “mutate” abilities, but I’m not sure when exactly they came out.

I also went mini golfing with Bird!! It was nice to hang out with him 🙂 we got ice cream afterwards as well, and we saw this absolutely CRAZY lightning and rain and clouds!

Also, on Saturday I had another meeting with the missionaries and bishop, and I had a lot of questions. After, they invited me to join a zoom meeting they hosted and listen to them talk!

I’ve been looking through several different religions recently, and I want to write more posts about searching for religion and finding it in your life!!

Anyways, bird got a stomach bug this week 😦 I felt so bad!!! I made him a gift bag to make him feel better 🙂

I also should probably make a post about giving gifts??? It would be fun 🙂 and I LOVE setting up surprises and presents for friends and family!!! It makes me feel so happy and excited 🙂

Anyways, I have a LOT of stuff going on and I TOTALLY have to update you all on!!

I’ll figure out when to write all of this 😛

– mad hattered

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