Lightning Night Part 2

This is a post copied from my other blog on Blogger. It was posted 8/28/20 12:30 AM.

Hey Hatters!!

I know I posted *technically* yesterday but actually more like today.

Practice was super chill and we just did some recovery mileage and core.  I got to talk to a lot of my friends about general stuff. I miss having the whole team like normal though, and non-voluntary practices.  Tomorrow (or technically today) is the last voluntary practice, because Monday is the first day of school!!!  

The first day was technically supposed to be this Monday, but they pushed it back a week because of corona and then we ended up doing mandatory online (at least for now) until October 9th…. It stinks, but it’s in the name of our safety and well-being, so I’m okay with it.  I still don’t know anything about how school is going to be after though.

Anyways, after that I ate dinner and Bird came over!!! We played ping pong which was really fun (more fun for me though because I won…. Mwahahahahhahaha) and then we played some more Magic – The Gathering with blue/black decks.

I had been working on mine, so it was all spread out with cards I considered keeping and cards I considered removing and cards I considered adding, but I didn’t want to take a ton of time, so I just shoved them all together and played with this absolutely MASSIVE 85 card lineup and got demolished.

I still did way better than last time though!! 

But then I made Bird wait and I took a ton of blue cards out and we played again, except he used white instead of blue/black, and I lost again (oh well!!) but it was a lot closer…. I think I just need to make it more black heavy instead of the 50/50 it’s at right now…. We’ll see.

Then after that, we saw a ton of lightning (AGAIN?!! WHAT?!) so we hopped in his car and went to a park to watch it and it was AMAZING!!! The sky kept on lighting up and it was just nuts…

Anyways, it got close to his curfew and the lightning was dying down so he dropped me off at home and left, and I talked to my mom for a little bit!

I wanted to watch something with her so I convinced her to watch Million Dollar Baby with me, because I heard it’s really good, but she said it’s super sad.  Dad finished up with his meeting so we started watching it, and I really like it so far!! She wanted to head to bed a little bit on the early side, so we were smack in the middle of the movie in this super intense scene where she’s fighting this blue girl and she gets knocked out and hits her NECK on the side of a sideways stool and my dad literally stopped it RIGHT THERE.  THE TIMING IS KILLING ME!!!

So then I basically begged him to play Magic – The Gathering with me and he finally agreed to play because I started singing “The cats in the cradle…” and making him sad….. I destroyed him 24-0 and 16-0 and he said he was super tired and wanted to head to bed.   I SO WISH my siblings were here because I would have somebody to play with.  This stinks. 

My mom also mentioned that she had a trip planned on Saturday, and I was allowed to bring a friend so I was thinking of inviting Bird… I think he’d like it a lot!!! It might rain though so I don’t really know if we’re going for sure.

Also, I’m planning on getting a new laptop over the weekend, because my classes require it, and it would be nice to have a newer one with COVID and all that…

I also heard that today (or yesterday) – August 27th was supposed to be this really important day and you could manifest crazy stuff so this is me manifesting something with Bird…. I’ll let you know if anything happens or if I’m just insane.

Also, my one in person class got changed to be in person only twice a week :(((( I’m SO SAD!!! I was really excited because I knew a lot of people in that class and I was so excited to see them! Oh well…. And if it’s for safety it must be for the best.

Anyways, I’ll figure it out!! We’ll see what school has in plan for next week.


-mad hattered 

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