Even MORE lightning!!!

Hey Hatters!

I’ll get right into today.

This morning I had a ton of chores and I had to spend 3 hours just cleaning a pool…. oh well!

After that I started up my new blog, and worked on configuring it for a few hours.  It was really fun and easy to get into!

Then I had practice, so I got ready and drove there. It was super fun and my friends had a LOT of stuff to catch me up on since last night, which was good to hear!  But then part way through the run, there was a ton of lightning and it started raining, so Coach had us go home.  Kate asked for a ride, so I started driving her home but then we decided to go and finish up our run somewhere else instead. We parked and started our run, and there was a lot of thunder and the rain was picking up so I was like “Kate, we should turn around!” And she was like “No! Don’t worry, we’re good!” (She said this OVER the sound of thunder BTW) so after about a mile I finally convinced her to turn around, and we could actually see the sky then, and these absolutely MASSIVE clouds were coming in…. The sky was already grey and dark from the rain, but this was like a DARK, DARK bluish grey and they were REALLY high up, and about 270 degrees around us, and they were MOVING. So of course I started freaking out, because it looked like the equivalent of when they see a tsunami in a thriller and its this huge wave right above them, except it was shooting lightning and we were running towards it, and Kate was like “chill!! Just count after the lightning” so I knew it was further away than it looked as to comfort me, which was comforting for like 30 seconds until we realized how quickly it was moving towards us…

Anyways, I was ready to start sprinting and I was mentally prepared to entirely abandon her if she wanted to chill out, but then the rain REALLY went from normal rain to cats and dogs!!! It was SO heavy and the wind picked up and trash cans started flying around. You couldn’t see 10 feet in front of you and branches started falling so then Kate realized what she just got us into… We barely made it back into my car and I drove us home 20 MPH under the speed limit hahaha!!

On the way back it cleared up a tiny bit and we saw a REALLY clear bolt of lightning which was cool.  Once I got home, we got chicken wings, and my dad and I finished up Million Dollar Baby from last night.  I don’t usually cry, but I got teary at the end 😦 I really liked it though! I told Bird to watch it, even though he’s at the drive in movie theater tonight, which sounded really fun 🙂

Then, we played the board game Pandemic, and I had to basically tell my parents how they should play each step because they were totally lost, but we ended up winning regardless!!

And I wanted to play more Magic – The Gathering with my dad, but he was super tired and he had more work stuff happening.  He still doesn’t spend much time with me, and today I was super lucky to get to watch the 40 minutes left of the movie with him because he decided to leave early and he still has a ton of meetings. 

I know a lot of people don’t have parents or siblings, and I don’t want to sound ignorant or like I’m complaining, but it would be really nice to spend more time with people.  I’m not super social, but I’m alone all day to do chores by myself until I go on a run with Kate for 45 minutes and then when I come home my parents just want to work more, and I have to argue with my dad about how he’s gonna regret not spending time with me in order to get him to finish up a movie with me. I just feel super lonely a lot.

I think I might journal more about it, but we’ll see how tired I’m feeling after this!

I also played a single game of gin rummy with my mom before bed but she didn’t really want to and she wouldn’t play another with me. It was 9:00 and she was done with work. 
Anyways, I have a lot more planned tomorrow that I’ll have to update you all on!! (I’ll make it suspenseful until tomorrow… )

Please leave a comment with any suggestions –  either personally, or how I can improve my blog!

I’ll figure it out 🙂

-mad hattered  

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