More Sleep Than Usual

This is a post copied from my other blog on Blogger. It was posted 8/27/20 2:04 PM.

hey hatters!!

Sorry I don’t think I posted yesterday!!

I’ve been getting a lot more sleep than usual because somebody close to me has been concerned a little bit (oops!!) 

It’s really nice that he cares that much though, so I figured that I might as well go to sleep earlier. The only thing is that I can’t really sleep that well. I never had this kinda problem until a few months ago and I don’t think it has anything to do with my phone or corona.  I talked about that in another post tho… 

I just sit in my bed for hours and look at the wall.  I cannot sleep and I am so tired.  I think I might have insomnia. I literally feel like I am going crazy, because I’m like “oh its bedtime, I’m tired, my phone is away, I’m in my room, I wore my blue light glasses, and I quit work a week ago. I should sleep” and my body just refuses to sleep.  I can’t explain it but it’s like my brain wants me to be awake for nothing.

Anyways, I’ve been going to sleep around 2 AM which is SUPER early…. for reference a regular night was I would put my phone away and sit in my bed starting around midnight, and my eyes would close around 4:45 AM. 

If anybody can give me tips besides a nighttime routine or putting away electronics, or even had a struggle like this, PLEASE comment any suggestions you may have, or share your experience!!  It would really help and I would appreciate it a lot.

Anyways, yesterday I had a crazy workout for my Cross Country team. It STARTED with a 4 MILE WARMUP.  I don’t think we’re even going to have a season, but coach says that he wants to train like we’re gonna have one anyways because right now we’re allowed to have one, even though it will likely change.  I bet football gets it first.

After the warmup, we had to do 5 hill repeats and a ton of core.  It was TERRIBLE.  Also I ate a pint of ice cream before practice, so that might have made it a tiny bit worse…..

I’m not sure if we’re gonna have another quality day today or if it’s gonna be a recovery day… we’ll see. 

I also made plans again tonight!!! I don’t know what we’re gonna do tonight, but it’s the same person I was with the other night…. I’m gonna keep everything entirely anonymous during this so I’ll call him Bird.

Anyways, I also wanted to make plans with Bird’s younger sister (we’ll call her Elephant) as well for tomorrow. She wants me to help her learn how to sew!! It’s gonna be a ton of fun because Elephant is super funny and nice.

Also, apparently today (August 27th) is supposed to be very special and good for manifesting things… I’ll have to manifest something cool, but I’ll keep it a secret… 😉

I also have been fixing up my Magic – The Gathering deck… Bird and I are planning on playing again tonight even though he’s waaaaaaaayyy better than me!!!! I have to work to improve it a lot…..

I just gotta learn how to sleep…

But I’ll figure it out!!!

-mad hattered

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