Oops! I did it again….

This is a post copied from my other blog on Blogger. It was posted 8/26/20 1:29 AM.

 So I know I had mentioned that I needed a job to pay back my mom for the damage I did to her car, and I figured I would share the story.

It all started a few weeks ago (maybe a month-ish?) when I was pulling out of the garage to drive to work. Earlier that day, the lawn mower had needed repairs, and my dad started pulling it apart in that regular dad fashion where they want to fix things to prove their manliness **eye-roll**.  

Anyways, he ended up taking it apart, and he left the big circular piece with the blade in the driveway.  So obviously, I knew that if I ran over it the tires in my mom’s car would pop, so I was being VERY careful.

I was a little on the late side, but no worries!! A few mph over the speed limit and I would get to work like 5 minutes early.  I looked in the driveway and I saw what was there so I knew that when I pulled out of the garage, I would need to turn the opposite way out and pull out of the driveway backwards. 

Once I got in the car, buckled up etc. I pulled out a bit, and then turned around in my seat and looked back to make sure I wouldn’t run over the lawn mower blade.  I was so very focused on turning away from the lawn mower blade that I entirely forgot that I had only halfway turned out of the garage and instead of popping the tires, I scraped the driver’s side of the car on the garage door.  Ouch.

Anyways, it was entirely drivable, and was purely cosmetic in damage. 

I had to go to work though!!! So I had my 2 second moment and then proceeded to drive to work as I called my mom. I was absolutely SOBBING to the point where I couldn’t really see the road and my mom was telling me to just pull over and get to work late. In fact she felt so bad (HOW??? HOW WAS SHE NOT MAD?!!) that she drove over to my job and came to look at the car and make me feel better.  

It was a rough day, but an entirely understandable mistake. 

Anyways, I ended up figuring that one out.  With my wallet.  Which really stinks but I guess it’s just a part of life??

-mad hattered 

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