This is a post copied from my other blog on Blogger. It was posted 8/26/20 1:31 AM.

 Sooooooo I went on another romantic thingy with someone special…. :)))))

We decided to play the board game Pandemic (fitting, right?), which was super fun and then we both realized that the sunset was CRAZY pretty so we hopped in my car and drove to a park with a super open area and soy beans all along one side and watched the pink clouds roll.

The other side with the moon was a perfect half, and tonight it is waxing. It was half covered by these beautiful and scary foggy clouds.

And THEN we looked in yet ANOTHER direction and there were these tumbling clouds with a ton of lightning. 

And NO I am NOT making any of this up…. It was SO cool and then the stars were out and it was AMAZING!!!! Like SUPER pretty :)))

Also, a moth landed on me while we were sitting and it was so cool!! For some reason moths tend to land on me.  Maybe I’m a moth whisperer…. Call me Gandalf from now on… hahahahaha!! And it just walked all over my hands for a while!! I tried to make the moth sit on him, but the moth seemed to have some attachment issues with me…. It kept on just sitting on my fingers or flying off for a couple seconds and landing back in my hand. We figured it DEFINITELY thought I’m a plant, which probably makes sense because I love being outside so much.

Anyways, after that, he had curfew so I drove us back to my place so he could get in his car and drive home, and we talked when he got home as well.

I really like him a lot 🙂 and I know I’ll email him and send lot of letters when he leaves on his mission next summer!!! But I’ll stop thinking about the future and just enjoy the present 🙂

There wasn’t much for me to figure out here, because I feel like my entire life makes sense when I’m with him 😛

Sorry to get kinda mushy haha

ANYWAYS…. Sleep well, hatters!!

(That’s what I decided on for your nicknames)

-mad hattered

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