Sleep? Who is she?

This is a post copied from my other blog on Blogger. It was posted 8/25/20 4:05 AM.

Okay, so I might be blogging a lot at night.

I really need to work on going to bed earlier, but I really struggle a lot with falling asleep!

It has absolutely nothing to do with being online or anything, I’m just regularly stressed and it tends to keep me up late at night a lot. I wish I could do more about it!

I already use blue light glasses and have for awhile. I used to not go on my phone for a few hours before bed, but I would still stay up anyways!!! Ugh 😦

So I gave up on the whole “no phone before bed” thing because if it wasn’t helping me, what’s the harm?

I also waitress a lot, and I think it has a really big impact on how my sleep schedule is.  It’s obviously a job where you have to be thinking a lot, on your toes, and constantly aware.  It tends to stick with me into the night, and even when I want to sleep, the gears are turning in my mind.  I really like working, but the only thing that stinks is the hours.  I work at a country club, so we’re supposed to really cater to the member’s needs.  (Getting food for them that isn’t even on the menu, getting to know them by name and remembering their preferences, etc.).   However, this also means that they feel like they can stick around whenever, because…. they can!! I mean, if I was paying 5 figures a year to be at a country club, I would probably feel pretty entitled too.

However, when you’re waiting these tables, even if they go to the bar, you still have to “wait” on them.  So even if you only have one person, if they decide to just sit there with no more food until midnight, you’re entirely stuck there.  It stinks because it really messes up my hours!! Some nights I’m home at 7 and others I’m home at 11!!! 

I really wish I had more definitive hours.  I’d love to be able to tell my friends when I’m off work so we can hang out, but I really have no idea of when I can see them at night, especially if I have work.

Another thing that really stinks about working at the country club, is that these entitled people are under the impression that they don’t have to tip the wait staff because they pay to be a part of the club?!! 

I have been working at the club for several months now as a waiter and I have not ONCE been tipped a since CENT.  You would really think that these multimillionaires eating at a table for 10 that they walked in without a reservation for on a HOLIDAY could even drop a penny?? Well if you thought they would, you thought WRONG.  

I CANNOT believe that they don’t tip EVER!! Not ONCE!!!
And to make matters worse, they walk in with these huge groups and no reservations, and the club refuses to make a mandatory gratuity for larger parties, so you could be absolutely swamped with 5 new tables, and a 6th table of 100 could sit down without a reservation and you would have to just deal with it and serve them until 3 AM, on a holiday and these people wouldn’t tip you their pocket change.

Anyways, yesterday I was basically on the edge of a mental breakdown, and we had family over so I just texted my manager and told her that I wasn’t even close to the right condition to come to work today, and I wouldn’t be able to work for at least a few weeks. 

I know I really need the money, but it’s really just for gas and other essentials.  Also, I crashed my mom’s car which is another story I should probably write about later. I need to be able to pay her back for that. :/

Additionally, I would just like to mention that the walk up bars for the country club I work at ARE closed, and in order to drink, the customers must be sitting down and have a meal-like food in front of them on the same tab as their drinks. 

However, a lot of them tend to be very unconcerned about coronavirus, which makes me extremely nervous and anxious a lot of the time before, during, and after work.  It’s so easy to just put on a mask and it comes to no harm to you AND others, and in fact it helps PROTECT everybody.  It is a simple courtesy, and even though you yourself and/or the club guests may not know people who would be high risk from coronavirus, I, along with numerous other employees are and/or personally know and come in frequent contact with people who are high risk.

Please wear a mask and tip your servers!!!!!

I guess I’ll just have to figure this work stuff out??
-mad hattered 

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